Thuan Binh Wind Power Joint Stock Company is one of the wind power and solar power investors in Vietnam with great reputation, brand name and experience in the field of renewable energy, participating in construction, installation and operation of power plants. 

    Currently, Thuan Binh Wind Power Joint Stock Company is the investor that owns and operates 03 projects of Phu Lac Wind Farm - phase 1 (24MW), Phu Lac - phase 2 (capacity 25.2MW) and Loi Hai 2 Wind Farm (capacity of 28.8MW).

    In addition, TBW also participates in the role of supporting the investor in project management during the construction phase of the Tra Vinh V1-3 Wind Farm project.

    Introduce about Tra Vinh V1-3 Wind Farm:
    Address: Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh province- Capacity: 48MW, with 12 wind turbines
    - Annual average power production: 150.000 MWh
    - OE Main Consulting: Tractebel (Thailand)
    - Wind turbine supplier: Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)
    - EPC General Contractor: FECON
    - Turbine type: Vestas V150-4,2MW - Denmark; Height: 125m.
    - Substation 22/110 kV
    - Commecement date: 07/08/2020
    - COD date: 27/10/2021
    - Work safety: No accidents and no incidents.
    - Quality: international standard.
    - No costs incurred.

    TBW is also participating as a consultant to the investor in the development phase of the 48MW Duyen Hai Wind Farm project. TBW's role in this project:
    Consulting development project, specialized agreements for the investment and development stage, making bids, inviting bids, evaluating and negotiating contracts to supply wind turbine equipment and to operate and maintain houses. machine.