Thursday, 15:31 - 18/06/2020 .

    On June 16, 2020, TBW cooperated with Tractebel (Belgian Consultant) to organize Pre-Kick off Meeting for REECORP Employer of Tra Vinh Wind Power Plant V1-3 project in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh province.

    Thursday, 15:32 - 18/06/2020 .

    On June 1, 2020, REECORP signed the EPC Contractor of the factory component with Vestas Contractor (Denmark) after the process of supporting Project Management Consultant, negotiating and finalizing the EPC contract coordinated by TBW and Tractebel (Belgian Consultant) to implement the Tra Vinh Wind Power Plant project V1-3 in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh Province.

    Tuesday, 15:59 - 03/03/2020 .

    Based on Enterprise Law was accepted by the XIIIth National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam session 8 dated November 26­th 2014;

    Monday, 15:03 - 24/02/2020 .

    Pursuant to Official Dispatch 762 / EVN-PC of February 13, 2020 on revoking the right to use EVN trademarks from March 1, 2020 from Thuan Binh Wind Power Joint Stock Company.
    Based on the request of the Company Leader in a meeting on February 19, 2020 on organizing the LOGO creation contest for Thuan Binh Wind Power Joint Stock Company.

    Monday, 14:56 - 20/01/2020 .

    Promoting the tradition of "good leaves protect torn leaves" and the spirit of solidarity of the youth towards the lonely elderly, poor families, policy families, ethnic minority families with difficulties and people with disabilities.

    Thursday, 08:27 - 16/01/2020 .

    Joining the atmosphere to celebrate the Spring of the Rat and the joy of Vietnam's economic development in 2019.

    Tuesday, 08:28 - 07/01/2020 .

    Together with the bustling atmosphere to celebrate the New Year of everyone, TBW assisted in installing electrical equipment for 2 houses: Mr. Nguyen Thi Nhan and Mr. Mai Van Phin in Phu Lac commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province.

    Wednesday, 08:28 - 30/10/2019 .
    Friday, 15:15 - 18/10/2019 .